Workplace – Offices

We have a deep understanding of what makes for a fantastic workplace environment, having designed workplaces for bluechip end users. Words like agile and flexible have become by words for how people would like to work conjuring up images of ‘google-like’ headquarters, with people working off bean bags and pods in ‘onesies.’ What designers and architects offer readily is recognition that having a fun and free working environment can run in parallel with corporate robustness. Moving to free working patterns is very motivating and empowering. Our new build office design works is conceived around architectural ideas of transparency and connectivity whilst our refurbishment work is about using innate character and enhancing it, respecting originality and longevity.

Our Generator project is currently being designed and offers an insight into our thinking


Workplace – Industrial

Different to end user, Advanced Manufacturing industrial units are often speculatively built and have to cover a range of potential uses. There are ways of designing standard industrial units for small, medium and large occupiers including distribution warehouses. These building types form part of our repertoire especially around large-scale masterplanning, where the relationship between living and working is essential for affordability and the reduction of transportation and energy use. We identify with living and working in short distance of each other as an essential consequence of sustainable communities and resources.

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