Our Vision


SASA Collaborative is developed out of partnership between Southgate & Sarabia Architects and the Centre for Architecture, Urbanism and Global Heritage at Nottingham Trent University. Our projects are global with active collaborations in UK, US, Europe and the Middle East.

SASA Collaborative is a Creative Hub of innovation, research and enterprise in a constantly changing world, cities, and societies. We create spaces, design buildings, generate environments and curate experiences that are visionary, flexible and humane.

Working in partnership with individuals, communities, enterprises and institutions, our journey begins with forensic investigation, visionary approach, and experimental response to present needs and future challenges.  We think, envision, challenge, invent, create and operate without limits. From life-long and smart homes, to robotic architecture, virtual museums, and futuristic heritage, our process is exploratory, conceptually-open, research-led, and scientifically-validated. We use technology in design, operating in the virtual space as efficient as we do in the physical world.

Our vision

SASA Collaborative is built for a World in constant change. Everyday a new challenge emerges, novel ideas and solutions needed. We pioneer ground-breaking solutions in architecture, urbanism and heritage through our passion and co-creation with partners and clients. We insist on exploring new ideas and innovative technology in search for inventive and unique solutions.

Our creative processes are designed to explore, engage and invent through customised design and solutions.

Our purpose

To use our imagination, to design special places, buildings and interiors through intelligent design and careful information management.

Our values

Passionate | Personal | Lateral Thinking | Energised | Careful | Integrity | Delight

What we do

Through research, science, technology and innovation, we challenge preconceived typologies, models, standards and conventions.

We are research-led, evidence-based, and human-centric, where science, creativity and technology meet to experiment with new modes of buildings, spaces, environment, and alter realities. Our work is context-aware and focuses on futuristic solutions in architecture, urban design and development, heritage regeneration, analysing human behaviour and responding to changing attitudes.

From robotics in construction, smart lifelong homes, connected care homes, to virtual museums and heritage sites, research, science and technology are driving our innovation.

Our Creative designs and solutions focus on:

  • Architecture
  • Urban Solutions
  • Strategic and Master Planning
  • Heritage Preservation and Regeneration
  • Virtual Spatial Design
  • Robotic Design & Construction
We are Global

Our research and creative development team engages world leading researchers, creative designers and virtual technology specialists, in a multidisciplinary and international team. Our team, led by Professor Mohamed Gamal Abdelmonem, are world leading and pioneering in research in architecture, urbanism and heritage with a global portfolio of projects and multi-party collaborations with governments, institutions, communities, creative centres and non-governmental entities in the United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East, United States and Asia. These projects are research driven and science-based with innovative and visionary designs and solutions.

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