Place-making and home-making are essential outcomes from any housing or estate design to create a sense of community and its own identity. Our skills are best seen when balancing the needs of repetition, density and cost, against better places, places people will want to stay and grow-up in, places that are memorable and have been designed with care and passion. Housing is a hot topic as the Government pushes its target for 300,000 homes per year via mass production. Part of this challenge will be answered through modular, denser housing schemes or high-rise apartment schemes where practicality must balance with delight.



Urban apartments are very much part of the housing solution particularly in cities. Building high and densely are paramount parameters when considering development, however the size and layout of modern apartments has come under scrutiny as we take cognizance of how modern apartments respond to all people. Holistic long term and inclusive design is at the heart of our approach.

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