Outridge Farm, National Trust

  • YEAR : 2019
  • LOCATION : Kent
  • SUBCATEGORY : Heritage

Working with the National Trust, Southgate & Sarabia Architects has developed a harmonious solution for public consultation for a Grade II Listed Oast, Sowage, Piggery and Threshing Barn range of buildings. Re-using these buildings for holiday rentals has offered the very best opportunity for commercial sustainable income whilst maintaining the integrity of layout and external fabric. Open to the public, as many people as possible will be able to enjoy renewed interiors that provide a range of apartment sizes and spaces either individually or in unison through clever door arrangements or stairs that allow apartments’ spaces to be combined. The south-facing courtyard creates a unique blend of secure and private sun-blessed space with wonderful views across the rolling hills and valley. If this range of buildings is let to one group or family, then the courtyard can offer a communal arrangement befitting outdoor shared eating or playing.

With minimal planned architectural interventions, the character of this wonderful set of buildings will be guaranteed. The Threshing Barn volume offers a unique insight into traditional timber construction and is spatially engaging. The Oast and Stowage process buildings offer the most in terms of residential living, with unique bedroom arrangements within the ‘fire rooms’ and ‘drying towers’, a series of truncated pyramids in form, each culminating in a top light, built into the original wind catcher. A connecting Piggery building between the Threshing Barn and Oast building, offers a glimpse into a quality environment fit for prize pigs, and will be restored to its former state. A challenging structure best left as a showcase, although kids will be readily allowed to play within this building once brought back to life.

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