The Zinc Barn

  • YEAR : 2020
  • LOCATION : Yorkshire

Seamed zinc is a wonderfully emotive material for cladding a building; dark and mysterious in its appearance. The simple barn form clad in zinc, with revealing large format windows creates a contrast between inside and outside, hard and robust externally and warm and clean internally. On those snowy days the large gathering space will feel comfortable and inviting around a real fire, whilst looking out onto a cold and dramatic world. Of course during the summer evenings, having a large window on to the night sky is a joy often lost behind curtains or by small windows, the opportunity to star gaze or see far off fireworks. Developed over four levels the functional back of house spaces are at lower ground whilst the heart of the house is at garden ground level. Bedroom accommodation is above at first and second or attic levels. These upper levels enjoy views and natural lighting, private and protected in location and feeling.

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