Pottery Lane Apartments

  • YEAR : 2019
  • LOCATION : Wigan
  • SUBCATEGORY : Residential

Our Pottery Lane, Wigan scheme will accommodate 126 two-bed apartments in a tiered tapering arrangement along the south side of the Leeds to Liverpool canal. At the head of this scheme is a nine storey block with an at right angle series of accenting and tapering blocks around the canal. The use of repetitive window forms stacked to create a ‘rationalistic’ façade, map over floor-by-floor apartment layouts or two-storey duplex akin to Scottish tenement buildings.

A common upper terrace amenity space over undercroft parking creates a green space at the heart and entrance of the scheme, a welcoming and inviting space that sets the building. The roofline has been fully greened supporting ecosystems along the waterside.

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