The Next Generation: 2050 a milestone worthy of living to see

By Darren Southgate

The Next Generation: 2050 a milestone worthy of living to see  

It is clear to me, Rebecca Robinson, our Leeds Beckett University prize-winner, is both very focused and determined with a clear set of ideas about her design journey. What an exciting time of life seeing new talent emerge. Congratulations Rebecca!

Southgate & Sarabia announced their continued support at the beginning of August this year for Leeds Beckett University RIBA Part III Course by awarding Rebecca Robinson a Prize for her significant engagement during her time on the course. Rebecca was nominated by tutors and our very own Natalie Sarabia-Johnston. Rebecca currently works at Architype, a design-based practice in London, Hereford and Edinburgh.

I asked her to think about her course, career and future, to capture her thoughts as a young architect, on her path through the profession, newly qualified and full of vigour. She said about the RIBA Part III course at Leeds Beckett, that,

“the Part III course at Leeds Beckett provided inspiring and informative workshops and lectures, both from experienced teaching staff and from those in industry. This combination was great as it gave different perspectives from Planners, Lawyers, Consultants and Architectural Practitioners from differing sizes and specialities, it helped deepen my understanding in these topic areas.”

With regards to her career and the profession, Rebecca, said, “I am excited to be joining the Architectural profession at this challenging time, with the way we work changing dramatically, as well as big social and environmental issues to address.

The profession has the potential to have a huge impact in these areas, with a wide skill set and many opportunities to influence clients and decision makers. We are designing the buildings which will still be here in 2050, when in theory the UK will be net zero carbon. I am lucky to be in a position at Architype, to work on Zero Carbon and Passivhaus projects, such as the Bicester Eco Business Centre [pictured].

With regards to the future, I think there is a lot of up-skilling required in the industry to be able to deliver the stringent low-energy targets required, and deliver them well, focusing on healthy and beautiful spaces. I hope for the sake of our future generations, that the industry can rise to the challenge.”

Both Natalie and I wish Rebecca well in her future career, and we look forward to 2050, a milestone worthy of living to see!

Photos by:

Personal: Gabriella Karney

Project: Bicester Eco Business Centre, Architype, by Jack Hobhouse

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