Lincolnshire sausages always a temptation to a flexitarian

By Darren Southgate

As a long-time supporter of Team Lincolnshire and part of their original MIPIM team, Natalia and I were proud to support Team Lincs at their recent Leeds event, helping them to export their message and experiences in growth sectors like agriculture and robotics.

As individuals we knew most of the guests historically as we work within the Leeds and Lincoln markets. But the real highlight was seeing our friends mixing within this wonderful cross-county collaboration, something we have been pro-active in supporting. Adding new friends and business connections has never been more fun!

The area of advancement the County has seen in agri-tech, particularly in robotics, is Lincoln’s contribution to Industry 4.0. The role of finance in these growing markets was explored; investment for growth as the workforce changes, as the need for productivity increases through more consistent approaches, more and more money will be required to support these changes. A transformation away from labour markets to cerebral activities supporting higher wages and better lifestyles.

Lincoln chose a wonderful venue for their event in East 59th Street above Victoria Gate in Leeds. For those that don’t know it’s a revelation in retail design, the home of the new John Lewis and other quality traders in an exquisite use of concrete and glass ensemble using texture and lustre to delight. Of course, the staircase is a jewel of timber craftmanship hidden away, a joy to find before arriving at the restaurant venue on the 3rd floor.

I couldn’t stop for lunch, but I do hope Lincolnshire sausages were on the menu as they are just The Best. MIPIM Lincoln wouldn’t be the same without them. As a recent convert to flexitarianism (that’s mostly a vegetarian diet with a choice built in), the sausage option would have been a joy to exercise when such quality sausages are on offer.

Pip pip.

Image by Louis Hansel on Unsplash

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