For Me, Becoming An Architect Is A Dream.

By Ruby Southgate

For me, becoming an architect is a dream.

“What do you want to be when you are older?” This is a common question you get asked as you grow up, and for as long as I can remember I have always said “I want to be an architect” or “I want to do something creative”, and I think this comes from my dad being involved in the architectural  industry.

I have always looked up to him and the work he has done, watching him ‘climb the ladder of success’ and become his own boss, and latterly setting up his own practice. It is extremely fascinating watching him progress, becoming more and more skilled in his work, it’s something I’ve aspire to emulate as I’ve grown up. From my early years at school I have always spoke about becoming an architect or having a job connected to the design industry, but I never really knew where to begin. But now I do. I have started working for my dad, being tasked with numerous jobs that will hopefully help me with my future career choices. With a bit of luck, I will pick up lots of skills quickly, and learn a thing or two about architecture!

Alongside my dad’s influence, I have always admired and appreciated the detail that goes into the structures of some of the most renowned buildings all over the world. Take ‘The Shard’ in London for example, wouldn’t you love to be recognised as the mastermind behind that masterpiece! I know I certainly would. It’s breath-taking. Being able to appreciate designs like The Shard is wonderful, it allows you to look in depth at the detail created, the materials used, the buildings structure, and it allows you to question, “how has it not fallen over?”

For me, becoming an architect is a dream, I think it’s one of many jobs that is underrated by so many individuals. I see it as a career that benefits everyone, whether designing for a family their dream home or designing a university building or creating a piece of art that can be viewed and appreciated by anyone who passes by. Watching something you have created, as an architect, being used and acknowledged must be an amazing feeling. It must bring so much joy and satisfaction that you cannot wait to start your next project. I think it must be a wonderful feeling, that I hope I can one day experience.

I would also like to admit that I am one of those people that loves a BIG project that takes a long time to complete, where you start with a rough idea that gradually turns into something amazing, where you spend hours finessing and changing the product to meet the changing needs and wants of a client. Having that feeling of satisfaction when the project is complete is what I think will make the job enjoyable for me. It is one of the main reasons I have chosen to venture into this industry. I cannot wait to get started.

Photo by Fred Moon

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