Leeds Beckett University RIBA Part III Prize

By Darren Southgate

Leeds Beckett University RIBA Part III Prize

Natalie has been teaching at Leeds Beckett University for 18 years shaping future generations with the skills and discipline she learnt. Over the past 8 years she has been a professional internal examiner for the RIBA Part III course as well as part time tutor for the professional studies module 3rd Year of the undergraduate degree course.

The RIBA Part III is very intense for candidates. For the first time having passed examinations and once registered with the Architects Registration Board (ARB), candidates are able to call themselves ‘Architect’, as it’s a legally protected title, only qualification and acceptance entitles you to use it, it’s a long journey, and now relatively costly, but worth it!

Giving a prize is always a pleasure (twice blessed) but receiving is a real joy having been lucky enough to win a University prize myself. The recipient on this occasion was selected for her professional conduit and engagement during the course. The caring and professional Architects manner is akin to a doctor’s bedside manner where in this context client-architect trust, professionalism and humour helps translate an idea into something that is usually built, a medicine in itself as long as the project goes well!

Southgate & Sarabia Architects were pleased to award a prize via The Leeds School of Architecture to Rebecca Robinson for her hard work and attention to detail. A virtual ceremony of sorts due to COVID-19, we wish Rebecca every success in our beloved profession.

Photo by Sven Mieke

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