Redevelopment of Wigan Pier Update

By Natalie Sarabia-Johnson

Redevelopment of Wigan Pier

For those of you who have heard of Wigan Pier, but never seen Wigan Pier, this is a picture of ‘The Pier’, it’s the 2 pieces of curved steel sat over the canal, in the bottom righthand side of the picture, yes that is it!  In the background are a series of buildings that we have been involved with in the regeneration of Wigan Pier. The brick and stone warehouse buildings were formerly a visitor centre, teaching space and The Orwell Public House, which have each been refurbished, renovated and re-purposed to form Pier 2-education centre, Pier 3-wedding venue and large events space, Pier 4-micro-brewery and gin distillery and Pier 5-an indoor food market and venue.  New windows and cladding, with works to the roof which were desperately needed to make the building watertight and to keep the pigeons out.  A new feature entrance to Pier 3 gives a pleasant back drop to all the visitors and wedding party guests visiting the Pier buildings.  New landscaping and public realm works will link the newly fitted board walks, which will provide private amenity space to each part of the venue space, which looks out over the canal.  The internal fitout work will start shortly and the external works are well advanced, due for completion in the coming months, an achievement during COVID-19.

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